“I got the chance to work with Maria thanks to Revise & Resub’s annual #RevPit revision contest. I submitted to her, she picked me, and my life changed forever.”  —  Katie LaRae Davis (now represented by agents Taylor Haggerty and Melanie Castillo of Root Literary ).

Editing, Critique, & Submission Packages

Introducing, the Plot Analysis (best for before you draft, or before you revise):

Includes a detailed look at the plot (building blocks) of a manuscript to identify doldrum areas, pacing, flow, character arc driven through plot, etc. Required: An outline of some form–A basic beat sheet, a comprehensive beat sheet, organized thoughts, major plot points on paper, or a long synopsis (5 to 10 pages in standard format), bullet-pointing everything that happens–however you plot! (or don’t…this service is especially helpful for pantser-type writers)–along with basic character profiles.

You will receive a document highlighting areas of weakness, places to re-work, and brainstorming suggestions to strengthen your manuscript.

This package focuses solely on plot.

Turnaround is 2 – 3 weeks.

Flat Rate: $300 USD

Developmental Edit:

Developmental editing involves in-depth feedback on the storytelling elements, such as character arcs, action, dialogue, description, exposition, pacing, and emotional connection. With a developmental edit, notes will be made on specific actions that should be executed to strengthen your manuscript. You will receive an annotated copy of your manuscript in tandem with a comprehensive edit letter.​

Starts at $14 USD per 1,000 words

Full Manuscript Critique:

This option provides big-picture feedback on your manuscript, including strengths and opportunities for improvement in terms of readability, clarity, consistency, dialogue, and more.

Please note: you will not receive an annotated copy of your manuscript. The critique will be delivered as a comprehensive edit letter.​

​$7 USD per 1,000 words


Copy editing includes minor corrections like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. It also notes unclear wording and awkward sentences. You will receive an annotated copy of your manuscript. Please note: your copy edited manuscript will still require a proofread.

Starts at $12 USD per 1,000 words


Having trouble with craft? Deep POV, emoting, or Show vs. Tell getting you down? I’m now offering hour-long coaching sessions that include a two-pass homework critique on your first five pages. Each session will focus on one particular area of writing craft.

Deep POV: $200 USD

Show vs. Tell: $200 USD

How to Create a Dynamic Character: $200 USD

Emoting 101: $200 USD

Voice: $200 USD

*Bundle all five coaching sessions together and receive not only $100 off the cost, but 15% off a future Developmental Edit.

*All participants (in any class) will receive a free one-pass query critique, and 10% off a future Developmental Edit.

Coming Soon: One-on-one query workshops. Follow me on Twitter, and turn on notifications for updates: @Maria_Tureaud

Submission Package Critique:

​Includes critique of query letter (two passes), synopsis, and first 50 pages

Save by bundling these three services together for $150 USD

The Whammy: Four-pass query letter critique and two-pass synopsis $120 USD

OR Choose Your Package:

Two-pass query letter critique $30 USD

Synopsis critique $30 USD

First 10 pages (2500 words, double-spaced, 12pt) critique (one pass) $30 USD

First 30 pages (7500 words, double-spaced, 12 pt) critique (one pass) $60 USD

First 50 pages (12,500 words, double-spaced, 12pt) (one pass) $100 USD

Reread Report:

For authors who have already had a critique, or developmental edit with me, this report includes feedback on revisions made after the previous edit, as well as suggestions for next steps. You will not receive an annotated copy of your manuscript.

$4 USD per 1,000 words

At this time, I accept payment through Paypal. Payment plans are available upon request. Please send an inquiry to discuss further.